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furnace maintenance repair replaceWhy Fall’s a Great Time to Act

Another summer will soon wrap up here in Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Naperville and Montgomery. While the temperatures will be seasonably pleasant as they often are in fall, those of us who live or work in the area know they can dip pretty fast beginning in October, and by Thanksgiving they can even be frigid.

Fall is ideal for getting your furnace ready for the cold months ahead. That’s because it’s similar to mid-spring in that you don’t always need either cooled or heated air to be comfortable. It’s the perfect time to have preventive maintenance done. In addition to preparing your furnace to be in superb operating condition, you may also uncover an issue that may create a failure in the near future.

On average, the likeliest time for a furnace to malfunction is in winter, because that’s when the system is working the hardest. This can be especially true if your unit is 10 years old or more. An older system with years of wear on it may still function when the weather is mild, but as soon as the icy air swoops in, it may labor to keep up with the effort required.

For this same reason, winter is usually a high season for HVAC providers because they’re attending to many situations where they’re urgently needed. This can create a growing waiting list, even when providers are working as hard as they can.

Because fall has mild weather, people tend to need HVAC service less frequently, which means you can usually get the service you need with little to no wait—and with plenty of time before you need your system to perform at its highest levels. Even if an issue is not found, at least you will be going into the winter with peace of mind knowing your system is operating optimally.

Let’s look at more reasons why fall is good for furnace maintenance, repair or replacement in Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Naperville and Montgomery.

More Time to Decide

If your furnace suddenly stops when it’s freezing out, you may not have the leisure to research the best solution for the right price from the right service provider. You’ll have an immediate problem that you need to solve fast, which means you may need to think and act with haste. This also means you could pay more up front or wind up with a short-term solution that leaves other issues to deal with later.

Planning for your furnace maintenance, repair or replacement in fall gives you decent room to do your homework and think through your choices carefully. You’re also not in a tough position that makes you spend whatever you have to. You might even be able to consider upgrades to your air quality, such as with humidifiers or air-cleaning systems.

Greater Control of Surprises

Not everyone is trained to recognize developing signs of a furnace breakdown. If your system heads into winter on the verge on malfunctioning, you just don’t know when its moment to quit will be.

At best, a failing furnace can drive up your utility bills. At worst, it can leave you scrambling for how to stay warm until it can be fixed.

Better Energy Efficiency

If furnace maintenance or repair reveals it’s almost time for a replacement, believe us when we say that fall is the better time to address it. Beyond avoiding the challenges of installing the system during bad winter weather, you will have a new heating system that serves you better, especially if the former unit is 10 years or older.

Today’s furnaces are more energy efficient than those that were manufactured before the early 2010s. Even the blower motors are all electronically controlled motors, which are the most efficient. With modulating gas valves, furnaces now exceed 97% efficiency rating.

Discounts and Rebates

If you need a furnace replacement, another advantage of doing it in the fall is that there might be discounts or rebates otherwise not available during the peak summer and winter months. Depending on the type of heating system, special financing might be offered in the fall as well.

Fall Furnace Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: Contact RJ Kuhn

Having a properly functioning furnace in winter is vitally important. RJ Kuhn is your local professional for ensuring your heating system keeps you comfortable when it’s cold in Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Naperville or Montgomery. If you’d like to discuss how you could save money and hassle while being proactive this fall, call us at (630) 554-3336!