Plumber working under sinks on drain traps and plumbing

Issues with your residential or commercial plumbing can range from an inconvenient leaky faucet to a crisis such as flooding. At best, plumbing problems can result in messy clean-up and higher water bills. At worst, they can damage property or even become a threat to health and safety.

RJ Kuhn’s trained and skilled local plumbers ensure your supply piping and drainage systems are correctly installed and functioning as they should be. Beyond helping you maintain steady water flow, we contribute to the safety of your property and your health.

Plumbing Services

The local professionals at RJ Kuhn support you with the complete range of plumbing service for the repair, installation and maintenance you need at home or work:

  • water heater repair & replacement
  • clogged drains, sinks, toilets & tubs, sewer
  • leaking drains & water pipes
  • faulty faucets & valves
  • RPZ testing & repair
  • peppermint & smoke testing
  • malfunctioning toilets
  • frozen pipes
  • vacant-home winterizing
  • water treatment (inc. softeners)
  • sump pumps
  • backup generators

We can also help you make plumbing a pleasing part of your home or office décor. For example, we can assist you with choosing fixtures, tubs or showers, faucets and other accessories, cabinets, vanities and color schemes.

Community Plumbing for 50 Years

RJ Kuhn was founded by Dick Kuhn in the early 1970s. In 2012, Dick’s sons, Kevin and Rick, became the company’s leaders, and together they have continued guiding it to always-higher levels of plumbing service and skill.

As your local plumber, we maintain a complete supply of specialty tools and equipment for making efficient repairs where before replacements might have been the only option. These resources combined with our knowledge and skill have often helped to reduce our customers’ plumbing costs by hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Driven by the Service in Plumbing Service

When you are looking for plumbing service, you want to be treated and assisted in a certain way. Whether the business meets or exceeds those expectations will determine whether it leaves a brand impression that stays with you.

RJ Kuhn understands that when a plumbing situation arises, you want it taken care of swiftly and correctly and you want to keep your costs under control. We ensure that you feel comfortable in being served by a friendly, helpful professional who will explain things to you clearly, show you what needs to be done and help you work with your budget.

We also know you want plumbing service from competent, qualified specialists. RJ Kuhn plumbers are:

licensed and certified. We hold all required plumbing licenses and backflow certification for performing our trade legally and professionally.

experienced. Our extensive hands-on work in the field gives us the knowledge and insight to solve even rare plumbing problems and occurrences.

mechanically proficient. Proper plumbing service leaves no room for guesswork or learning from a big mistake when it involves water and waste in your house.

focused on safety. With its potential for great mess and damage, plumbing is not an arena for risk-taking. RJ Kuhn’s plumbing service includes the precautions and measures for keeping both you and the plumber protected from possible hazards.

When You Need Plumbing Service Soon, Contact RJ Kuhn

Because we are so connected to our communities’ people and plumbing systems, we look forward to each chance to serve you as your local plumber. If you ever have a question or need to solve a plumbing problem, just give us a call at 1-800-FIX-DRIP or (630) 554-3336.

24-hour emergency service is available when needed.

RJ Kuhn is a proud member of the Plumbing Contractors Association.