80% AFUE vs. 95% AFUE

There are two main differences between the 95% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) and an 80% AFUE furnace. The obvious is the difference in efficiency, the second being the cost difference. Efficiency: A 95% AFUE furnace will use 95 cents of every dollar spent on gas as heat in the house and will allow the… Read More

Update......Breaking News You Can Use

We at RJ Kuhn Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are proud to make an announcement that can benefit all of our customers; we now represent Carrier heating and cooling products. Over the years, we have found the Luxaire and Fraser Johnston line to be a very reliable product and we continue to service those products as well… Read More

Should I Be Using A Dehumidifier

During the summer as temperatures rise, you will also notice that the humidity levels rise as well. This is very typical for the Oswego, IL. area since warm air has the potential to carry a greater volume of moisture then cool air does. One of the greatest functions of your air conditioning system is that… Read More

5 Tips To Save Energy This Summer

Condensing Unit: This is the part of your cooling system that is outdoors, it houses your compressor and has a large coil that surrounds it. Cut bushes and foliage about 1 foot away from the coil so the unit can draw in unrestricted air. Be sure the coil is clean, debris is pulled into the… Read More

What Type Of Filter Should I Use For My Home

  What Type of Filter Should I Use For My Home? The answer depends on what you are actually trying to accomplish with your filter. Some filters are designed to remove only the large particles that can be seen with the naked eye, some are designed to remove slightly smaller particles such as animal dander… Read More

How can I save money on my heating bills?

There are several ways to lower the cost to heat your home, let us assume you are heating your home with gas fired equipment, a reasonable return on investment is expected and the average winter temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Let us examine the areas where potential savings exist. Structure: By reviewing several of… Read More