Yorkville IL Air Conditioning Repair

Do you live or work in Yorkville IL? Then you know how hot and humid the summers can get. You probably love the sunshine and warmth, but when the temperature starts reaching for triple digits, you’re ready to stay comfortable with your air conditioning.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your cooling system is ready for late spring and summer. Sometimes that might mean a basic inspection and tune-up. Other times, your air conditioning might need a repair to continue serving you well. In either case, you have a local resource that can support you with skill.

RJ Kuhn has been providing Yorkville with professional air conditioning services since the 1970s. With that much history, we know Yorkville and its neighborhoods, and we’re always ready to help you keep your cooling system in its best shape for warm weather.

Yorkville Air Conditioning Repair and AC Maintenance

Carrier AC compressorRJ Kuhn cooling professionals repair and maintain all brands of AC. If we determine a repair is best for what you need, we will explain the system correction so you fully understand what is required as well as what your options are. Our assessments often save our Yorkville customers anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A system analysis might also reveal that all your system requires is a basic tune-up. As experts in cooling for Yorkville, we perform a 20-step inspection for AC performance by checking factors such as:

  • oil motors and the blower for correct lubrication of moving parts
  • the sub-cooling or super heat to ensure the unit is charged to the right specifications
  • amp draws on motors to prevent potential system failure
  • the condensate line to confirm no blockage and correct water flow to the drain
  • the condenser coil for cleanliness that allows maximum airflow

In addition, we offer our Yorkville customers additional benefits for service and repair through our Kuhn Care maintenance program. As a program member, you can save 30% on service-call parts and labor plus receive service during extended hours if needed to avoid costly overtime charges. Ask us further for details!

Yorkville Air Conditioning Repair or AC Replacement

Occasionally an AC repair might involve an expensive part such as the compressor. In these instances, depending on the cooling system’s condition and age, installing a new air conditioner may make more financial sense for a system that properly serves you.

If you will be better served by a new air conditioner, we offer the latest in efficient cooling equipment:

Carrier® 5-Stage Condensing Unit

  • Uses only the capacity needed to cool your home depending on outdoor conditions
  • Can dehumidify your home without lowering the temperature

Carrier 16 SEER Condensing Unit

  • Single stage in a compact unit for significant energy savings
  • Qualifies for ComEd rebates

Carrier 13 SEER Condensing Unit

  • State-of-the-art performance in a compact system
  • Price competitive

Carrier “N” Coil

  • Greater coil-face surface area for optimal heat transfer and dehumidification
  • Slower velocity of refrigerant in the coil to eliminate deterioration of copper tubing

AC Company for Service in Yorkville IL: Contact Us

As a community resource for Yorkville, we know how important it is to have full-capacity cooling when the heat and humidity rise. If you have any questions or concerns about your air conditioning, simply call us at (630) 554-3336 to connect with an AC specialist. We’ll be glad to hear from you and assist you.

RJ Kuhn provides 24-hour emergency service for Yorkville customers when needed.

Fun Facts about Yorkville IL

As an AC company with a long history of serving Yorkville, we enjoy learning about Yorkville’s history as well. Here are some quick facts:

  • The site where the present city of Yorkville is located was originally settled in 1833 by a man named Earl Adams, who built a log cabin on what eventually became known as Courthouse Hill on the south side of the Fox River.
  • The original village was laid out by Rulief Duryea in 1836 and named Yorkville, apparently for Mr. Duryea’s home state of New York.
  • In 1841, when Kendall County was formed, the village of Yorkville was named the county seat, a distinction it kept for only a few years. In 1845, the village of Oswego’s residents petitioned the state legislature to move the county seat to the more populated Oswego, and after two votes, the recommendation passed.
  • In 1859, Kendall County voters chose to once again designate Yorkville as the county seat because of its more centralized location, and in 1864 a new courthouse was completed. Carefully restored its former splendor, the majestic courthouse still sits atop Courthouse Hill overlooking Yorkville’s downtown business district.