Update......Breaking News You Can Use

We at RJ Kuhn Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are proud to make an announcement that can benefit all of our customers; we now represent Carrier heating and cooling products. Over the years, we have found the Luxaire and Fraser Johnston line to be a very reliable product and we continue to service those products as well as all brands of furnaces and air conditioners.

By becoming an authorized Carrier dealer, not only can we still offer the same reliability that you have always called us for, but we now can offer a greater selection of efficiencies and comfort levels for our customers to choose from. Such as:

  • Modulating burner with variable speed fan and communicating Wi-Fi thermostat. This offers a unit that will tract the heat loss of your home at any given point in time and adjust it’s output to match the heat loss.
  • Variable speed compressor with communicating Wi-Fi thermostat. This offers you a cooling system that not only has the ability to cool your home over a wide range of outdoor temperature conditions; it allows you to control humidity levels as well.
  • “N” style evaporator coil versus “A” style coils offer a greater surface area to not only make for lower air resistance, but also a greater surface area to remove moisture from the air.

So if your home is in Oswego, Yorkville or anywhere in the Fox Valley area, Call RJ Kuhn today for all of your heating and cooling needs; we not only offer reliability unmatched in our service area, we now offer the greatest number of choices to fulfill all of your heating and cooling needs. One phone call offers you the highest reliability and the ability to choose not only the level of efficiency you desire, but a choice on how much comfort you want from your new system. The only equation you will ever need to remember: RJ Kuhn + Carrier = Reliable Choice.