Why You Should Care About the Service in Plumbing Service

When we consider the subject of service as it applies to plumbing, what comes to mind is probably just a plugged toilet or a dripping faucet. We probably don’t think too much more about the complexity of plumbing systems and how much we depend on them in making sure we have clean, fresh water when we need it, and that once we’ve used that water, that it goes away without any issues.

When the time comes that you need plumbing service for your home or workplace in Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Naperville or Montgomery (IL), RJ Kuhn is widely recognized as the leader in professional, quality service.

Similar to electricity and HVAC, plumbing involves a system that operates mainly beyond our daily sight. We focus mostly on the needed result of the system – e.g. lights that turn on, ducts that move air into rooms, a toilet that properly flushes.

Many of us have experienced a power outage during a storm or a furnace that stopped producing heated air. Think about the time – perhaps hours or longer – that you might have spent making your way around with a flashlight, or huddling up with extra blankets and a space heater.

Now imagine what several hours, let alone more than a day, would be like with either no flowing water or water that is leaking or flooding into your house. You have an immediate problem that cannot be addressed with delay, indifference or inaccuracy.

You need urgent attention from confident, competent professionals who can spring into action, fix your problem and remove your stress. You also appreciate when your solution is provided by people who invest themselves in other people – namely you.

At RJ Kuhn we understand this, which is why we make the word “service” in “plumbing service” the guiding light we follow each day.

Service as a Principle

Service is generally defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone; work performed that does not involve manufacturing goods.” It is a term for the concept of an effort made for another person.

At the same time, service can be an elusive ideal. Handing someone their change for purchasing a pack of gum qualifies as a service. So does answering a call from a customer and transferring that person to another department, where they might be on hold for a while.

The plumbing profession supplies a vital resource, water, for healthy, hygienic use and consumption. Without plumbing, we would seldom enjoy such efficient and convenient access to uncontaminated water, as well as the means to dispose of waste water.

In providing that utility, plumbers greatly contribute to clean, comfortable, properly functioning homes. Think of that bath you take, the clothes you make clean in the wash or the water you use when preparing a meal. The supply and delivery of clean, consumable water has been pivotal to human tasks and health.

Professional plumbers also seek ways to make water supplies more efficient and sustainable.

Service as a Series of Actions & Traits

Just about every business in every profession looks to differentiate itself through its claims to serve the customer. What then defines true service in plumbing?

A plumber who properly serves you will be:

licensed and certified. This is crucial. A professional plumber must satisfy state-mandated criteria before they can legally perform their assignments.

experienced. The longer a plumber has been hands-on in the field, the greater the mastery will be to solve even rare plumbing problems and occurrences.

mechanically proficient. Proper plumbing service includes the right tools and equipment applied with precise knowledge and skill. There is no room for guesswork or learning from a big mistake when it involves water in your house.

focused on safety. With its potential for great mess and damage, plumbing is not an arena for risk-taking. True service includes every precaution and measure to keep the customer and the plumber protected from possible hazards.

respectful of time. Nobody likes to be put off or to have their time wasted. A good plumber communicates with you in ways that let you manage your time according to what needs to be done.

true to their word. If they say they will be there at 10 a.m., that’s when they will be there. If the project is to cost a particular number, that is the amount that you will be charged.

endlessly determined and curious. Plumbers who serve are not satisfied with maintaining the minimum requirements. They are driven to seek, learn, study and analyze the changing facets of their trade and draw from that knowledge to serve you.

What Does Plumbing Service Mean at RJ Kuhn?

A customer seeking a service business looks to be supported and treated in a certain way. Meeting or exceeding that expectation goes beyond customer satisfaction – it’s vital for the business as well. The degree and level of service is the business, the brand identity around which all else revolves.

When Dick Kuhn founded RJ Kuhn in 1972, he knew what he wanted the business to be: an enduring pillar of community service and care that adapted to changing times without ever losing the heart of its mission.

His sons, Kevin and Rick, worked for the company for many years before assuming leadership in 2012. Since then, RJ Kuhn has continued growing its team of professionals chosen as much for their service skills as for their technical expertise.

Our local presence stands for enduring familiarity. If you’ve been in or around Oswego during the last 50 years, you’ve probably seen our white trucks with the teal letters that convey our company name – a name that has become synonymous for “quality plumbing service”.

When you need knowledge, we are there. When you need to reach a person to ask a question or discuss a plumbing problem, we are there. When you need the comfort of assistance from people who feel like neighbors, you’ll find us. We’re always just a call away.

All RJ Kuhn plumbers hold State of Illinois Department of Public Health licenses or Chicago Department of Buildings licenses. They satisfy the state’s requirement to complete continuing education each year as well.

Back at the shop at RJ Kuhn, we provide quarterly safety and policy training that addresses important trade topics such as working in confined spaces, working with hazardous waste, wearing personal protective equipment, following lockout/tagout procedures and administering first aid.

We also maintain a complete supply of specialty tools and equipment that allow us to make repairs where replacements might have once been the only option. This capability has often saved our customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

When You Need Service Soon, Contact RJ Kuhn

The name RJ Kuhn is and always will be emblematic of what true service means to plumbing. If you ever have a plumbing question or need in Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Naperville or Montgomery, our line will be open and we’ll be ready to respond. Just give us a call at (630) 554-3336.