Oswego IL Plumber Including Sewer, Drain, Plumbing, Piping

If you live or work in Oswego, one of the last things you want to worry about at your home or business is a sudden problem with your water flow.

Whether it’s a faucet that won’t stop leaking or a major backup in a basement drain, issues with your plumbing can range from an inconvenience to a crisis. At best, plumbing problems can escalate water bills. At worst, they can damage property or even become a threat to personal health and safety.

Proper plumbing is vital to your Oswego home or business. A good plumber can verify that your supply piping and drainage systems are correctly installed and functioning as they should be. In doing so, the plumber provides you the assurance that your property and health and safety are protected.

Proficient Plumber for Oswego IL

Oswego-based RJ Kuhn provides the specialized plumbing knowledge and skill that keep your water flow steady and clean without leaks, contaminants or pollutants.

Our diverse plumbing services provide solutions for:

  • water heater repair & replacement
  • malfunctioning toilets
  • RPZ testing & repair
  • clogged drains, sinks, toilets & tubs
  • frozen pipes
  • peppermint & smoke testing
  • leaking drains & water pipes
  • vacant-home winterizing
  • sump pumps
  • faulty faucets & valves
  • water treatment
  • backup generators

Beyond ensuring proper water flow and drainage, RJ Kuhn can also help plumbing be a pleasing part of your environment and décor. Our finesse with installations of fixtures contributes to plumbing that is just as fitting as it is functional for your spaces. We install fixtures by Kohler, Gerber, Mansfield, Moen and many others.

A True Oswego Community Plumber

RJ Kuhn was founded by Dick Kuhn in 1972. In 2012, Dick’s sons, Kevin and Rick, took leadership of the company and continued guiding it to high levels of plumbing service and skill for Oswego. The last 50 years of plumbing support for the village have made Kuhn a community name.

As your Oswego plumber, we maintain a complete supply of specialty tools and equipment that allow us to make efficient repairs where before replacements might have been the only available option. This ability has saved many of our Oswego customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Skilled Sewer & Drain Service for Oswego IL

Many of us probably don’t think much about our sewer and drain systems. But when a sewer or drain creates a stoppage or other restriction, things can quickly come to a halt and create stress that we are likely not used to.

Your sewer and drainage lines are important to your Oswego plumbing system. Whenever you wash your clothes or dishes or take a shower, dirty water is produced. Your drainage system safely and efficiently carries that wastewater away to your septic tank or the public sewer system you’re connected to.

Over time and with certain conditions, your sewer and drainage lines can back up or become damaged. Just a few signs might be a foul odor, sewer discharge on your property or lush patches of green grass outside.

RJ Kuhn has the resources and experience to correct even the most complicated sewer and drain problems in Oswego. We know how to resolve these issues efficiently so your drain or sewer system gets back on track as soon as possible.

RJ Kuhn performs all types of sewer rodding, jet rodding and TV camera sewer-line inspection for solving your problem at the source. Our sewer and jet rodding can also be used for field tile and culverts, waterways for ponds and areas beneath driveways and roadways.

With our sewer rodding and drain cleaning services for Oswego, you can ensure that your sewer mains are clean and your drain pipes are running smoothly.

Plumber for Oswego IL: Ready to Assist You

Having been connected to Oswego for so long, RJ Kuhn looks forward to every chance to serve as our town’s community plumber. If you have questions or need solutions concerning your plumbing, sewer or drain, simply give us a call at (630) 554-3336.

RJ Kuhn holds all required plumbing licenses and backflow certification. We are also proud members of the Plumbing Contractors Association and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association.

Our Oswego customers have access to 24-hour emergency service when needed.