Plainfield (IL) Air Conditioning Repair

When the summer heat arrives in Plainfield (IL), you certainly know it, especially when the high humidity is in tow. It can be uncomfortable enough outside, but without air conditioning, inside may feel even warmer as the sun starts to heat your house.

plainfield il air conditioning repair

If you’re on this page, you might have a question or concern about your air conditioner. RJ Kuhn specializes in air conditioning repair for Plainfield homeowners. We provide the answers and services for keeping your home cool when you need it.

We’ve been serving the Plainfield region with air conditioning repair since 1972, so we know the village and its neighborhoods well. As your local resource for AC repair, we help ensure you understand what’s functioning right with your system and what isn’t.

We work with all makes and models of air conditioners in Plainfield. If your AC isn’t operating properly, we can diagnose the issue and discuss what your options are in ways you understand. Our assessments often save our Plainfield customers from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Plainfield (IL) Air Conditioning: Repair or Replace

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you comfortable in the heat, but it’s also a machine that can wear over time. If you become aware of a problem, there are several factors that you should consider before deciding upon repair or replacement, such as:

system age. How old is your air conditioner? The usual lifespan of today’s residential units is 12 to 15 years.

active warranty. Are any of the system parts still covered?

type of refrigerant. If there is a leak and the system still uses R-22 freon, replacing the now-discontinued coolant is costly. Many of the coils for R-22 also are hard to find. In older units, leaks tend to develop in the U bends of coils, which are often not repairable.

living plans. How long do you intend to stay in your Plainfield home? If not much longer, sometimes an air conditioning repair will be more economical than a full replacement. However, while an AC repair may keep a failing unit going for a while, the system’s condition could become an issue when it’s time to sell. Because a condensing unit can suggest how well a home has been maintained, a potential buyer may look for concessions.

It’s good to think about these things because there are times when an AC repair makes more financial and practical sense, and there are other instances when you’ll do better in the long run by installing a new system. The staff at RJ Kuhn will always be glad to help you determine which is the choice that’s best for you.

Plainfield (IL) Air Conditioning Repair: What You Can Do

As an alert homeowner in Plainfield, you can be your own advocate in helping to limit the cost and extent of a possible AC repair.

Be aware of any system irregularities such as strange smells or noises, frequent on-off cycling and no cool air blowing through your vents. These all indicate that your AC is starting to struggle. If you suspect a problem sign, let us know right away and we’ll inspect your system promptly. An RJ Kuhn technician can both identify the issue and provide the solution.

If you will be installing a new AC system, we can help you choose the right type and size of unit according to your space-cooling requirements and your budget. We offer Plainfield the latest AC equipment:

Carrier® 5-Stage Condensing Unit
Uses only the capacity needed to cool your home depending on outdoor conditions
Can dehumidify your home without lowering the temperature

Carrier 16 SEER Condensing Unit
Single stage in a compact unit for significant energy savings
Qualifies for ComEd rebates

Carrier 13 SEER Condensing Unit
State-of-the-art performance in a compact system
Price competitive

Carrier “N” Coil
Greater coil-face surface area for optimal heat transfer and dehumidification
Slower velocity of refrigerant in the coil to eliminate deterioration of copper tubing

Air Conditioning Services & Repair for Plainfield (IL): Ready to Assist You

RJ Kuhn’s air conditioning repair professionals are here to help keep you comfortable, safe and relaxed during warm weather. If you ever have a question about your cooling at home, we welcome hearing from you and learning how we can support you. Simply give us a call at (630) 554-3336.

We offer Plainfield customers 24-hour emergency service when needed.

Ask about our Kuhn Care Maintenance program with special members-only savings and benefits!

Plainfield (IL): Did You Know?

Plainfield is identified as the oldest community in Will County because the earliest settlement of Walkers’ Grove was established on the banks of the DuPage River by 1828.

In 1834, the southern portion of the village, consisting of 13 blocks, was platted immediately north of Walkers’ Grove and given the name Plainfield, perhaps referring to the flat expanse of green prairie extending from the thick timberland along the river. (source)