Oswego IL Sump Pump

Did it ever occur to you that your basement could be a swimming pool?

During the course of the year in Oswego IL, there will be many times when your sump pump guards your home against water intrusion and damage, such as from the heavy rain of severe weather. The sump pump also comes big into play when melting snow sinks into the earth as winter turns to spring.

Your sump pump is there to ensure your home remains dry even as thousands of gallons of runoff move in. This becomes crucial if you have a basement or another low-level space that the groundwater can enter. If the sump pump for your Oswego home isn’t working correctly, the damage and mess can be extensive and costly.

Oswego-based RJ Kuhn specializes in sump pump installation, replacement and service for Oswego homes.

Oswego IL Sump Pump: How to Know If It’s Working

Keeping your home protected and dry from winter runoff and spring rainstorms is definitely something to be proactive about. You can do a few things on your own to help ensure your sump pump will be ready to act when it’s needed.

1) Make sure the sump is fully plugged in.

2) Remove the lid and use a flashlight to see if the sump basin is clean and free of debris or any sand or gravel.

3) Run a hose into the sump. As you do, watch the on/off switch and listen to the pump. You’ll want to try to make the sump turns on and off at least twice.

4) Check the discharge pipe on the side of your home. It should not be shut or plugged, and it should be leading water away from the house.

If something doesn’t seem right as you’re taking these steps, be sure to contact RJ Kuhn right away.

Oswego IL Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Should your sump pump show signs that it needs repair, don’t delay. Having water in your basement or crawl space is already an unwanted problem. It can become even more expensive and stressful if you have a finished basement or you use the lower area for storing belongings.

RJ Kuhn can diagnose what’s wrong with your sump pump and repair it correctly before outdoor water moves in to intrude. We can also install a new or replacement pump if you need one.

Backup Battery for Oswego IL Sump Pump

Your sump pump might be in good shape, but if it fails or loses power during a storm or an outage, it cannot do its job. It needs to operate to keep water out.

Having a backup battery for your sump pump ensures your house remains protected if the main pump does not have power or doesn’t work for any reason. The backup works by means of a secondary pump installed next to the main one. If the backup detects a problem with the main pump, it will activate to prevent gathering water from leaking and flooding inside.

If your sump pump in Oswego already has a backup battery, make sure it’s charged so it will be ready for the winter runoff and the storms that will follow in the months ahead.

After you’ve confirmed that it’s charged, turn off the power to the pump and the battery-charging system. Then test the backup by running water into the sump until it turns on.

If this test shows you that something might be wrong with the system, RJ Kuhn has the solution. We can either repair or replace the backup for your Oswego sump pump.

If your main pump does not have a backup, we can correctly install a high-quality system that protects your home from water intrusion.

When You Need Service Soon, Contact RJ Kuhn

We know Oswego’s great people and neighborhoods because we’ve been serving the community for 50 years. We care about making sure you have what you need for a home that stays dry all year long. Should you ever need sump pump installation, replacement or service in Oswego, simply give us a call at (630) 554-3336!

RJ Kuhn offers Oswego homeowners emergency sump-pump service when needed. We also install lift-station pumps and high-water alarms.