Oswego IL Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re visiting our web page, you might have questions or concerns about your cooling system in Oswego IL. Maybe it’s been erratic or malfunctioning, or you just want to know something about your air conditioner. Either way, RJ Kuhn is your local resource for Oswego air conditioning repair and maintenance.

We’ve been serving Oswego with air conditioning services since 1972, so we know the village and its neighborhoods well. As your dedicated AC company in town, we help ensure you understand what’s functioning right with your cooling system and what isn’t.

If your cooling isn’t operating correctly, we can diagnose whether air conditioning repair or a basic tune-up is the solution. Our assessments often save our Oswego customers from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Whether it’s for a simple fix or a complicated issue, RJ Kuhn’s skilled and versatile cooling technicians work with all brands of AC for Oswego.

Oswego IL: Air Conditioning Repair or AC Maintenance?

Carrier AC unit compressorAir conditioners work hard to keep us comfortable and cool in the heat, but they’re also machines that can wear over time. If after an inspection we determine that air conditioning repair is required for proper operation, we will explain the system correction so you know what needs to be done and what your options are.

In other cases, your Oswego cooling system may not require a repair but rather basic maintenance, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had your AC looked at.

RJ Kuhn’s air conditioning maintenance includes a detailed 20-point inspection of your system. We ensure your AC’s best performance by checking for vital factors such as:

  • oil motors and the blower for correct lubrication of parts
  • the sub-cooling or super heat to ensure the unit is charged to the right specifications
  • amp draws on motors to prevent potential system failure
  • the condensate line to confirm no blockage and correct water flow to the drain

We also clean the condenser coil for full-efficiency airflow.

Our Oswego customers can receive extra benefits for their air conditioning services too. With the Kuhn Care maintenance program, you can save 30% on service-call parts and labor. Plus, the program extends service hours for members so you can avoid costly overtime charges. Ask us more about it!

Oswego IL: Air Conditioning Repair or AC Replacement?

In certain situations, installing a new AC unit will make more sense for proper cooling, especially if a major repair or replacement would involve an expensive part such as the compressor.

If a unit replacement will serve you better than an air conditioning repair, we offer Oswego the latest cooling equipment:

Carrier® 5-Stage Condensing Unit

  • Uses only the capacity needed to cool your home depending on outdoor conditions
  • Can dehumidify your home without lowering the temperature

Carrier 16 SEER Condensing Unit

  • Single stage in a compact unit for significant energy savings
  • Qualifies for ComEd rebates

Carrier 13 SEER Condensing Unit

  • State-of-the-art performance in a compact system
  • Price competitive

Carrier “N” Coil

  • Greater coil-face surface area for optimal heat transfer and dehumidification
  • Slower velocity of refrigerant in the coil to eliminate deterioration of copper tubing

AC Company for Oswego IL: Ready to Assist You

RJ Kuhn’s air conditioning service and repair for Oswego keep you comfortable, safe and relaxed during warm weather. Whenever you have questions or feel you may need support from your local AC company, just give us a call at (630) 554-3336 to speak with a specialist.

We offer Oswego customers 24-hour emergency service when needed.

Oswego IL: Quick History

The village of Oswego was first laid out by two businessmen in 1835. In 1842, the U.S. government put the land up for sale for $1.25 per acre.

More than a hundred years later, during the 1980s and 90s, spikes in residential development in Naperville and Aurora began carrying over to Oswego, and the village limits began to extend. The population has grown from 3,875 in 1990 to more than 30,000 today.

As of July 2020, Oswego ranked #57 in total population out of 1,369 incorporated cities, towns and CDPs in Illinois, placing it in the 96th percentile. (source)