Montgomery IL Plumber

As a Montgomery homeowner, you greatly depend on a steady supply of water for use and consumption. Having a skilled and responsive local plumber when you need one is important to your daily life at home.

Whether it’s a broken pipe or flooding in the basement, plumbing issues can range from an inconvenience to a crisis. At best, plumbing problems can raise your water bills or cause damage to your home. At worst, they can become hazards to property and personal safety and health.

RJ Kuhn serves Montgomery homeowners by making sure your supply piping and drainage systems are properly installed and functioning.

Licensed & Certified Plumber for Montgomery IL

RJ Kuhn offers the skill and experience that keep your home’s water supply steady and free of leaks, contaminants and pollutants.

As professional plumbers for Montgomery, we specialize in:

  • water heater repair & replacement
  • clogged drains, sinks, toilets & tubs
  • leaking drains & water pipes
  • faulty faucets & valves
  • malfunctioning toilets
  • frozen pipes
  • vacant-home winterizing
  • water treatment
  • RPZ testing & repair
  • peppermint & smoke testing
  • sump pumps
  • backup generators

RJ Kuhn can make your plumbing a fitting enhancement for your décor as well. We install attractive fixtures by Kohler, Gerber, Mansfield, Moen and many others.

We also maintain the optimal specialty tools and equipment for making efficient onsite repairs where before replacements might have been the only solution. This has allowed us to save many of our Montgomery customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

RJ Kuhn: The “Service” in Montgomery Plumbing Service

When Dick Kuhn founded RJ Kuhn in 1972, he knew what he wanted the business to be: an enduring pillar of community service and care that adapted to changing times without ever losing the heart of its mission.

His sons, Kevin and Rick, worked for the company for many years before assuming leadership in 2012. Since then, RJ Kuhn has continued growing its team of professionals chosen as much for their service skills and their technical expertise as for their care for the community and customer.

Our local presence stands for enduring familiarity. If you’ve been in or around Montgomery during the last 50 years, you’ve probably seen our white trucks with the teal letters that convey our company name – a name that has become synonymous with “service and quality” in community plumbing.

All RJ Kuhn plumbers hold State of Illinois Department of Public Health licenses or Chicago Department of Buildings licenses. They complete continuing education each year as well.

Sewer & Drain for Montgomery IL

The sewer and drainage lines in your Montgomery plumbing system are vital to daily activities that produce dirty water, such as washing clothes or taking a shower. Your drainage system carries that wastewater away to your septic tank or the public sewer system your plumbing is connected to.

Sewer and drainage lines can back up or become damaged for different reasons. A few signs that something might be wrong can be a bad odor, the sounds of “gurgling,” sewer discharge on your property, patches of extra-green grass or any unexpected wet areas in your home.

RJ Kuhn can correct even the most complicated sewer and drain problems in Montgomery. We resolve issues efficiently so your drain or sewer system gets back on track as soon as possible.

We specialize in all types of sewer rodding, jet rodding and TV camera sewer-line inspection for solving a problem at the source. With our sewer rodding and drain cleaning services for Montgomery, you can ensure that your sewer mains are clean and your drain pipes are clear.

When You Need Service Soon, Contact RJ Kuhn

We are honored to be able to serve as Montgomery’s local plumber. If you have a plumbing question or you need plumbing service, repair or replacement, just give us a call at (630) 554-3336. We will be glad to hear from you and assist you. 

We offer Montgomery customers 24-hour service for plumbing emergencies.