Know Your Dehumidifier

Many people in the Oswego, IL. area use dehumidifiers in their homes even though they use central air conditioning systems. High humidity conditions coupled with temperatures in the low 90’s will cause humidity levels in your home to get above 60% relative humidity. A good dehumidifier can bring levels down below 55% relative humidity.

Facts Regarding Humidity and Dehumidifiers:

• 90% of the humidity in a home originates in the basement.
• Every 6% reduction in humidity will allow you to increase thermostat setting by 1 degree Fahrenheit and feel no difference in comfort
• A cooling system with multiple stages will provide much better dehumidification then a single stage system under part load conditions.
• 85% of dehumidifiers are manufactured by two companies and branded under dozens of different brands such as GE, Frigidaire, Westinghouse, LG and many more.
• The number of cycles per hour your dehumidifier goes through greatly effects the lifespan of the unit.
• If you have a dehumidifier that you have been using for the past few years, there is a very high probability that there is a current recall on that product as a fire hazard.

As mentioned above, 85% of dehumidifiers are made by either Solis or Gree and these units have been recalled. They tend to cycle frequently which leads to overheating and thus becomes a fire hazard. The units get so hot that the components combust and that fire can easily spread to the surrounding floor, furniture, walls or other possessions.

It takes an Aprilaire dehumidifier over 23 years to reach 150,000 cycles, this is due to the sophisticated controls used that permit the unit to have longer run times which will extend lifespan and consume much less electricity while still removing up to 70 pints per day. More importantly, they Do Not overheat and create a fire hazard. A unit branded by LG for instance, only takes 2.1 years to reach 150,000 cycles and a unit that is branded by Kenmore takes only 2.7 years to reach 150,000 cycles.

If you are interested in finding out if your dehumidifier has been recalled, call the helpful people at RJ Kuhn in Oswego, IL. and they can tell provide you with the information to not only determine if your unit has been recalled, but provide a contact number for you to call to see if you qualify for many of the rebates still being offered. Clink on the link below to view a news clip on you tube that’s shows the potential hazards