Montgomery IL Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can make a night-and-day difference for a home in Montgomery IL, particularly if the home is older or the bathroom was a basic design for new construction.

The décor and design are important for bathroom remodeling, but the most vital component will be the plumbing. If the plumbing isn’t right, the rest of what you wish to enjoy can quickly become an afterthought until any issues are resolved.

RJ Kuhn specializes in bathroom remodeling for Montgomery homeowners. We can support your goals for your bathroom remodel with both part-specific and start-to-finish service that ensures your remodel’s foundation and features are just as they should be for the bathroom you desire. 

Montgomery IL Bathroom RemodelThings to Consider for Your Montgomery Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. With proper plumbing supporting it, a bathroom can also be a room that is attractive and pleasing, as well as an asset that could further increase your home’s value.  

Starting with your first call, RJ Kuhn can guide you through all you need to know and do to achieve your specific objective. We will also work alongside you in setting your budget and timeline.

Some leading considerations for your bathroom remodeling in Montgomery might be:

  • layout. Your current bathroom arrangement might be something you like, and sometimes there’s a better way! Where the walls, windows, doors and closets are could change, and RJ Kuhn has the knowledge and experience to help you think it through.For example, the drain lines that carry the water from the sink, tub and shower are smaller in size and can usually be relocated. The waste pipe that serves the toilet is larger and takes more consideration when planning a change. Vent pipes let air in for a better material flow and help remove toxic, odorous gases. While waste and drain lines go down, vent lines go up, so as one example, glass walls and half walls must be planned for and designed with vents in mind.
  • choosing the fixtures. Today’s fixtures come in literally hundreds of models offering many different styles and designs, not all of which are good! Steering you toward quality is step one at RJ Kuhn. For example, if your bathroom is smaller or is intended to have greater available space, achieving what will be best for your remodel might call for a toilet with a hidden tank (the reservoir is mounted behind the wall). Another highlight could be a low-flow toilet that saves water with each flush.
  • selecting the tub, shower or both. Depending on the bathroom you’re remodeling, you might not always want or need a bathtub, especially if another bathroom has one. If you do include a tub, you might decide on either a smaller one with a refined look or a larger one with a deeper bathing area. If your remodel will feature a shower, certain low-flow showerheads can provide good pressure while saving on water usage and costs. You might also include a window in your shower to help draw humidity out of the bathroom while allowing more natural light.
  • incorporating faucets and other accessories. Today’s faucets are available in a vast range of shapes, sizes, colors and price points. Which are right for your remodel’s style, look and budget? You might also consider how items such as the lights, flush handle, and towel bar or rings can match the faucets and the shower-valve trim. 

Other factors for your Montgomery bathroom remodel may be the color selection, vanity and cabinets. It can be a lot to evaluate, but with RJ Kuhn as your partner, making the right choices and ensuring quality you will enjoy becomes much easier.

Additional Montgomery Remodeling

RJ Kuhn’s professional plumbing and advising for Montgomery includes kitchens, basements and new construction as well. Call or visit us to discuss your project and find fresh inspiration for everything from cabinets to wet bars to countertops. You’ll find some great ideas in our showroom!

Bathroom Remodeling for Montgomery IL: Ready to Assist You

We welcome the opportunity to help you make your bathroom what you want it to be. If you have questions or would like to begin a consultation, simply give us a call at (630) 554-3336 to speak with a remodeling specialist.